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BestLifeRewarded Innovations Inc (BLRi) partners with a leading Canadian provider for our outsourced data centre and hosting infrastructure. Below is a summary of our Service LevelCommitments to our members and partners.


BLRi has focused on every level of detail related to ensuring personal health information is not vulnerable.

BLRi utilizes the latest technologies to provide BLRi with superior performance and reliability. BLRi’s

hardware configuration consists of:

  • Dual Quad (4 Core and 6 Core) servers for a total core computing power of 16 core/24 core servers.
  • Server configurations utilize 96GB or more of RAM
  • Server configurations can consist of SATA/SAS/SSD hard drives in RAID 1/RAID 5/ RAID 10 configurations to ensure the best performance/capacity as required by the solution.
  • SAN’s utilize the latest technologies and replication methods. For example, SystemBind Consulting and IT Services utilizes DRBD for enhanced replication performance and enhanced redundancy.
  • Internal networks utilize 1Gbps and 10Gbps network speeds.
  • Participation in your corporate wellness activities, such as clinic days, screening events, fitness centres, participation in your corporate wellness web site, etc.

Data Centres – Toronto and Concord, Ontario

Mission-critical systems rely on robust, resilient and high-throughput infrastructures. To manage and support the BLRi various Health Portal servers, BLRi uses industry-leading hardware and software platforms hosted in Toronto and Concord, Ontario with the following features:

  • 24/7 security, CCTV, door entry-card access, front door “mantrap” for controlled entry.
  • Diverse points of entry for Fibre.
  • 2 incoming power feeds (one active and one is fully redundant).
  • Diesel generators for backup power.
  • Features “Enwave” for cooling using Toronto’s deep-water cooling system at the Toronto Facility
  • Diesel fuel storage units holding thousands of gallons of reserve fuel.

Implementation of an Offsite Data Backup Solution with Encryption and ‘Versioning’

Offsite data backup solution is imperative for organizations that handle critical data. With the implementation of a data backup solution that includes ‘versioning’ – data ‘snapshots’. The technologies utilized for backup consist of Rsync and SSH. Rsync allows for fast bit-level backups which allow identical copies of data to be created quickly and efficiently.

99.9% Uptime

BLRi’s hosted services operate with a 99.9% uptime rating excluding scheduled maintenance windows, with any existing downtime or significant performance degradation being limited to 20 minutes or less.

All core services are monitored in real-time to ensure they remain below configured thresholds. System alerts trigger and document specific procedures to address events immediately using predefined escalation and support processes.

Partner/Sponsor Support (at the organizational level)

  • 24/7 telephone-based help desk technical support.
  • A high-bandwidth, premium network backbone.
  • Real-time system threshold monitoring that can be configured to monitor custom services as required.
  • Hot-swappable RAID 1, 5, 10 hard drive configuration for optimal hard-drive fault tolerance.
  • Flexible server operating system support (i.e., Enterprise Linux, Windows, Mac).

Member/User Support (at the individual level)

BLRi’s support staff will be available via telephone and remote support between the hours of 9am and 5pm EST, Monday to Friday excluding statutory holidays.
Support response during business hours will occur on average within 20 minutes and no later than 2 hours. After-hours response on average will occur within 24 hours.