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Navigating the Return to Work

As COVID-19 restrictions begin to lift, organizations are navigating how they will move forward in a post-pandemic world. For some, employees will return to complete onsite work; others will employ a hybrid model with a mix of onsite and remote employees; and some organizations will embrace the evolution of fully remote work, with plans to continue this model indefinitely.

What is the best approach to moving forward as an organization while supporting employee well-being?

Continue Remote Work Options

If your organization is beginning to navigate its way back into the physical workspace, continue offering remote work options where possible. While the vaccine rollout and policy development are still in progress, staff members may feel uncomfortable re-entering the office, and others may be at a heightened health risk. If your company can continue working remotely without disruption to its business, this is the ideal approach to prioritize safety measures until your region removes COVID-19 restrictions.

A Flexible Future

Job flexibility continues to be top of mind. Employees are now proficient in virtual communication, and many hope to continue working remotely in a hybrid setting. Consider ways you can reinvent flexibility to drive productivity and engagement while supporting employees’ work-life balance. In this time of digital innovation, it is easier than ever before to stay connected and build a sense of community, no matter where employees are physically working. 

The Benefits of a Hybrid Model for Recruiting

As recruiting ramps up and employment opportunities increase, organizations must stay competitive. An exponential number of candidates are now looking for remote or hybrid work opportunities. Organizations that can employ remote workers have access to a much wider pool of experienced and knowledgeable candidates. In addition to expanding your reach for distant candidates, focus on streamlining your application process and marketing all opportunities to your intended audience.

Invest in Employee Well-being

After working through a global pandemic, the importance of work-life balance is undeniable. While many struggle to manage work-life balance and their overall well-being, it is the responsibility of organizational leaders to be responsive and demonstrate compassion for employees and their health. Invest in digital wellness programs that provide personalized support to employees as well as a sense of community. Contact our team to discover how BestLifeRewarded Innovations can support your organization with its customizable wellness program.