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Four Ways to Make a Difference for Employees

As we accept the longevity of remote work, it’s important to acknowledge that employees have more employment options than ever before. Geographical borders no longer hinder workers; employees can work anywhere if they are willing to adjust to different time zones and have a strong broadband connection. Make your organization stand out amongst the ever-growing competition by enhancing the employee experience. To attract and retain talent, show how you can make a difference for your employees by creating a welcoming and positive environment.

Let’s review four ways to make a difference for your employees.

1. Offer multigenerational benefits

There are currently four generations in the workforce: baby boomers, Generation X, millennials and Generation Z. Managing a diverse employee population with evolving needs, wants and values can be challenging, so assess your employee benefits packages to create as robust an offering as possible. Multigenerational benefits will increase benefit utilization and, in turn, increase talent retention.

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2. Embrace modern leadership

What does it mean to be a modern leader? Traditional leadership focuses on directing employees, evaluating performance with standard criteria, and sometimes serving as gatekeepers. Modern leadership implements elements of traditional leadership while focusing on mentorship, development and connection. When evaluating leadership styles, you must consider employee personas. Some individuals are driven by achieving goals, others by socialization or collaboration, and some by having clear-cut tasks. Modern leadership methods prove to be more successful in recognizing and managing diverse employee personas by focusing on mentorship and the development of each individual.

3. What gets recognized gets repeated

Recognition is one of the best ways to boost employee morale. People who do the same job every day can often forget the difference they make and undervalue their contributions. Recognize people for their work to help them feel like they belong and are an essential part of the organization. Employees who have a strong sense of belonging are less inclined to look for a job elsewhere and feel more satisfied and supported with their role. Furthermore, when people are recognized for their good work, they are motivated to continue and repeat that positive outcome.

4. Be a wellness champion

Wellness programs are imperative to employee experience but implementing a wellness program isn’t always enough. As an organizational leader, serve as a champion for wellness. Encourage program participation, help to drive engagement and share success stories. Leverage digital wellness solutions that offer implementation guides to help you plan initiatives and develop a best practice approach. When leadership teams champion wellness and are vocal about its importance, employees are motivated to engage and more likely to improve their health behaviours.

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