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Employee Engagement Strategies

The way we work has exponentially evolved as a result of COVID-19. With many people returning to the workforce, the unemployment rate is lowering, but people have new expectations and demands. Employees are now calling more of the shots and are willing to leave their roles if their standards are not met.

How can you engage employees to both attract and retain high-quality talent?

Sub out “sick days” for “personal days”

Most employees are entitled to a certain number of personal days each year. These days are commonly called “sick days,” implying that employees should only take them if they feel unwell. To create a more positive organizational culture, change how these days are perceived. Referring to them as personal days sends the message that they can be used for other reasons beyond illness, such as a birthday, a tire change, or a doctor’s visit. With much of the workforce working remotely, some people are more inclined to work through their illness and don’t bother taking a personal day. Since employees are entitled to this PTO, they should have the option of using the time for reasons other than being sick. This puts a certain level of trust in the employee’s hands to not take advantage, but it also gives them a reason to choose you. This is a simple yet effective way to attract and retain talent.

Conduct stay interviews

Exit interviews are a standard business practice that provides employers with insight into their operations and helps target areas of improvement. However, why wait until the employee has already checked out before gaining this valuable insight? Consider implementing stay interviews to connect with your employees on why they choose to work with you, what motivates them and what they value. During these competitive times, it’s imperative to identify what makes a great employee want to stay. Stay interviews should be informal discussions so people feel comfortable enough to communicate how they truly feel.

Examples of questions to ask in a stay interview:

  • What do you look forward to the most in your workday?
  • What do you think about the way employees are recognized?
  • Have you experienced a day that caused you stress and frustration, and, if so, what was the cause?
  • How can we improve your experience?
  • Do you feel that your health and well-being are supported? Are there ways you could be better supported?

Share employee experience stories

Whether you’re focusing on improving retention or trying to find new talent, it’s essential to tell good news stories. Ask employees to share a written testimonial, a photo, or a short video clip that captures their experience; you can even consider offering a small incentive to motivate people to contribute. The most important thing to remember is to be authentic in your storytelling. Avoid using stock images or content, but instead, tell real stories from real people. Highlight any unique perks or engagement strategies you offer to help differentiate yourself from the competition, particularly regarding health and well-being, which has become a top priority in recent years. Focus on making a difference for your people and sharing their stories to attract new talent and remind employees why they choose to stay.

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